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The official manual by fl_cody


version : 0.60 [January 28, 2004]


  1. Introduction
  2. Set me up
  3. How to play
  4. The weaponssystem


  1. Introduction:

Apidya was produced by Peter Thierolf, Frank Matzke and Chris Hülsbeck in 1991 or 1992 known as KAIKO for Commodore Amiga 500 and compatible! The PC version is written by Stefan Becker also known as fl_cody in 2002, 2004. The graphics and the music of the PC remake are the original ones made by Frank Matzke and Chris Hülsbeck. Apidya 2002 is freeware and a tribute to this fantastic classic computergame. By the way ... if you´ve payed money for the ramke you have been cheated!


  2. Set me up:

The screen above is the setup dialog under Windows XP. The options will be saved automatically if you press "start", "quit" or the "X" in the right corner. You must have administrator rights to save setup options otherwise setup isn't able to alter the windows registry. Apidya 2002 needs saved options to work!

In game resolution: Fullscreen: 640x480, 800x600 res. & scaleable windowmode
Controller: Play with Keyboard or Gamepad/ Joystick
Configure keys: Configure Keyboard keys for player 1 and 2
Lives: Choose between 3,4 or 5 lives if you start a new game
Extra life: Get an extra every 5000, 20000 or 40000 points

Tweak Options:



Advanced Blitting. If this option is selected the graphic engine will be much faster. This option is heighly recommend for slow Personal Computer.

Important: Some PCs doesn´t support this feature.If your screen is flashing please uncheck it again.

Start: Saving options and starting the game at once
Quit: Saving options and quitting setup
Updates: Opening official homepage


  3. How to play:

You can play Apidya 2002 with your joystick/gamepad or with the keyboard. It´s highly recommend to use a gamepad for playing!

  1. Action
    Joystick/ Gamepad
    Up Up Cursor "up"
    Down Down Cursor "down"
    Left Left Cursor "left"
    Right Right Cursor "right"
    Shoot Button 1 Strg
    Select extra Button 2 Alt (Left)
    Pause - Key "P"
    Mute music - Key "M"
    Quit current game - Key "ESC"







What the hell means "Select extra"?! -- If you shoot enemies (normally the small ones) sometimes a small flower appears. If you catch such a small flower your extra bar at the bottom will increase by one. The next picture shows the state of the extra bar if you´ve collected one flower. If you press the "Select extra"-button you will power up your bee. The whole extra bar is descriped in the next chapter of this manual.


  4. The weaponssystem:

Overview of the extra bar. The enumeration of the extras is for explanation.


#1: Speed up Speeds up the movements of the bee. You could select this extra again and again. Be careful ... the bee gets really fast ;-)
#2: Bomb This two weaponssystems taking place in rotation. If you´ve selected the bomb one time the bee will throw one to the ground. If you´ve selected the bomb two times the bee will shoot two bombs at the same time. The bombs move diagonally to the ground and to the sky.
#3: Spread Shot The bee shots fires three light daggers at the same time. The bee´ll even fire five light daggers if you've selected the spread shot two times.
#4: Lightning The lightning shot has a great penetration. You could power it up three times.
#5: Plasma Pulse A snake of pure energy which burns down everything. If you´ve powered the shot up two times the bee will fire two Plasma Pulses at the same time. The maximum is a selection of three times. It´s the strongest shot you could gain!
#6: Drone The drones are your little helper. You get one or two drones according to your selection. The drones intercept the small bullets of the enemies. The drones can also fire small light daggers.
#7: Shield An energy shield. Every time you´ve selected this extra your shield will intercept five small bullets of enemies (fly, mosquito ...). You could choose this extra again and again.
#8: Speed down If your bee gets too fast you should collect enough flowers to select this extra. This extra will decrease your bee speed and you could choose it again and again.

If you lost a life your weaponssystem will be decreased round about one level. Your actual state of your weaponssystem will available in the next level. There is only one exception ... the shield will be turned of in every new level. A bee life is really hard isn´t it ;-)