10.02.2004, 23:42 (GMT +01.00)  
The work on the new levels is going on well. U can take a look at the
  screenshot which shows my leveleditor "Ultimate Game Editor"
  running the designed stage1-2. The white lines representate the
  waypaths of saved enemies.
  07.02.2004, 16:07 (GMT +01.00)  
A new review from Amiga Power (english) has been added to the misc
  section. I also added George Proctors Apidya fansite to links section.
  Check out his page which includes many details and downloads of
  Apidya. Really recommendable!
  05.02.2004, 19:08 (GMT +01.00)  
Version 0.61 is out!
  Includes hopefully the last fix for stage 1-1. Thanks to Steven Quayle
  for the hint.
  01.02.2004, 15:43 (GMT +01.00)  
Four new scans. Take a look at the misc section.
  30.01.2004, 15:12 (GMT +01.00)  
Both versions of the manual (online & offline->download section) has
  been updated.
  28.01.2004, 15:21 (GMT +01.00)  
The pause has g0ne and so...
  Welcome! Version 0.60 is now available!
  The amount of changes, new things, fixes is huge. For example
  i added the nostalgic game intro ;-) Just take a look at the
  "readme.txt" file.