22.10.2002, 10:12 (GMT +01.00)  
The poll has been finished and the majority wants also small updates.
The next update will be big and released the next month. Stay tuned!
To show you that the project is not dead or paused i have some new
  pictures for you in the pictures section. You can see the Level Editor
surface and some sprites with their calculated waypath. If you want to
support Apidya 2002 please rip graphics from level 1-2 until end. Your
work will be mentioned of course. Look the forum for 'how to rip gfxs'
  12.09.2002, 16:23 (GMT +01.00)  
Updated some sections and the layout is uniform after all.
I would appreciate participation in the current poll. Excuse me for
  advertisement but i was too lazy to write a poll in ASP :-P
  23.06.2002, 19:26 (GMT +01.00)  


Thanks for the over 30 emails cause of the missing powershot (the big
  thorn). I promise ... i will add it ;-)
Maybe you recognized the missing news here? I have oral examination
  at 3th july and so my time is once again short. But hey some good
  things have happened....
Domy has joined the team (he is really a perfect musician)

and i have improved the graphic engine. It now has support for 16 bit

  colordepth and has a filter feature (looks great!!).
The new level editor is soon finished and it ROCKS!!! You could set up
  complex sprite movements in about 2-3 minutes. The game calculates
  in realtime (or what you can call realtime in non realtime OS ;) the
  movements of the sprites. The solution is a cool waypath system by
  myself which i will use for upcoming games- or demos-releases.
You see ... the fun has just started
  27.05.2002, 19:46 (GMT +01.00)  


Bugfix for the 2nd release!
  Fixed the control bug if you lost life. Get it in the downloads section
  26.05.2002, 20:01 (GMT +01.00)  


Welcome! The 2nd release is out!
  This version runs under Windows 9x and Me. It includes many changes
  and bugfixes. Key configuration is also added. The size is reduced to
3,04 instead of 6,90 MB. For more informations read the Readme.txt
  21.05.2002, 20:17 (GMT +01.00)  


A new version will be released this week. This version works also fine
  under Windows 9x and ME and has many changes and bugfixes. The
  size is reduced to 3MB instead of 6,90 MB. You´ll like it
Please check the forum. I search people who want to help me with
  an "deluxe" version of Apidya with better graphics and sound!
   10.05.2002, 15:55 (GMT +01.00)     
A new section has been opened. It´s called the manual section. Many
  people find Apidya too hard and i believe that´s because they don´t use
  the powerups. You can download the manual in the download section
  as well.
  04.05.2002, 21:30 (GMT +01.00)    
Titan and Raccoon told me that it´s not possible to play this version
  under Windows 9x. At the moment i haven´t a Windows 9x system here
  but i´ll try to fix this bug soon.
  01.05.2002, 21:30 (GMT +01.00)    
Hello :) The first version is online. The download is huge ( 6,90 MB)
but it contains many graphics which are used in future versions.
You can download the first public release in the download section.
  22.03.2002, 22:18 (GMT +01.00)   
Greetings to you. Sorry for the long break but i thought it would be
  better to post only big things. And big things happened ;-) Read below!
Believe it or not but Apidya 2002 is soon finished. The first version will
  include one level only. I will release a level editor for the freaks and i
  hope all Apidya fans out there will help me to rip graphics from the
  original levels. I hope there are also some talented pixel painter. I am
  planning an "deluxe" version with enhanced sound and better graphics.
  I think i need around 2 weeks to find the last bugs and to make the de-
  sign perfect. The bad news is that i have not much time to work on
  Apidya in the next four weeks. I have once again study tests to master
  (meanwhile 4th semester). So, i don´t want to make promises that i
  can´t keep » "did it in december :-)" and so i think that the first version
  will be released in May 2002. Sorry once again ... i wish a day has
  48 hours ;-)
I´ve added a new section ... the "Misc Section". There are scanned
  things of Apidya like reviews, previews, Covers and so on.
Btw, the History Section is really out-dated ! Too much things were
  done in the last three months.
  28.12.2001, 00:55 (GMT +01.00)    
I thought a new design for this page is really necessary. The result is
  what you see.

The emulation page www.vg-network.com was so kind to host my re-

  make project. Thanks to the freaks from Vintage Gaming Network.
Apidya 2002 is still on the state of 31. August 2001. At the moment i
  am writting the Level Editor for Apidya. I hope that it will work soon.