03.06.2003, 20:06 (GMT +01.00)  
Hi, everybody.
  Sry, but [Project:Apidya] has been paused! I'm not happy about it
  but time runs so fast and now my diploma-examination stands in front
  of me and i have really no freetime anymore for a hobby-project.
  Please don't email me anymore about bugs of Apidya ver.:27-05-2002
  or things that could be done better.
  The available version doesn't show my current skill in programming...
  i hope i have the time to release a newer version after all examinations.
  Maybe next time better news ... enjoy the summer ;-)
  05.04.2003, 17:32 (GMT +01.00)  
Apidya 2002 has been nominated for "game of the month" on
  Softgames.de. It's sad that not the upcoming version is rated.
  Nevertheless, move over and plz vote for Apidya 2002 here ;-)
  24.03.2003, 22:02 (GMT +01.00)  
Time runs...
  At the moment i'm working coincidentally on the next version of
  Apidya 2002 and the Leveleditor. The list of added, changed, fixed
  and altered things is huge.
  The progress is not really fast cause of the missing time but all prob-
  lems are removed for now. Take a look at the actual screenshot
Apidya 2002 running in window mode.
  28.02.2003, 19:12 (GMT +01.00)  
Good day.
  The work has started once again. Be prepared for a new release